The Baal Hatanya gives us a paradigm shift to lift up our consciousness and raise us out of Exile. By revamping our own self image we can also arouse compassion for our fellow brothers. This is a straightforward way to help us fulfil the all-inclusive Mitzvah of Love Your Brother Like Yourself.
This Podcast is the finally in the series The Wisdom of Unity. Due to the length of the material, it will be divided into bit size pieces.

Shabbat Shalom is the beloved greeting used millions of times each week. These two words are both considered names of Hashem. Interestingly enough the Zohar explains that Korach was at war with these two holy entities. Shabbat Shalom!

The Holy Chofetz Chaim says clearly that the cause of Exile is exactly what's keeping us in Exile for 2,000 years, Loshon Hara. Rebbe Nachman gives us an interesting introspection to help us pick up our way of dealing with this difficult test of character.

The business world can only thrive when there is trust and good faith. Knowledge that built on speculation isn't true knowledge. All the more so in the spiritual realm, the only way to know how to achieve eternal success is by attaching oneself to the Faithful Shepherd Moshe.

In the Talmud there is a debate over the proper lifestyle according to the Torah? Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai holds that we all should dedicate all of our energy exclusively to learning! Reflecting his seemingly extremist teaching found in the Holy Zohar. Interesting enough, the final decision isn't like him but rather a lifestyle of balance between Torah and Working. If so, why are so many people, even non religious drawn to someone so radical?

In honor of the great celebration  of Lag B'Omer, the yarhzeit of Rebbe Shimon bar Yochai here is the story of the final day of Rebbe Shimon in this world. In his final discourse he reveals, in my opinion, the secret of his magnetism and the key to inner peace and joy

If God really loves the poor why doesn't he sustain them? This was the opening question in a fascinating philosophical conversation that took place two thousand years ago between Rebbe Akiva and the Roman governor of Judea. Listen and open your mind to an elevated way to relate to the poor and poverty.

There is one Divine directive that is ALL-INCLUSIVE, it's the key to the Third Temple and the rectification, Tikun of the world! Rebbe Nosson in his masterpiece the Laws of Loans and Interest explain practically how it works.

The Magid of Chernoble relates a story, (a family favorite) that aligns exactly with the Gemora I've quoted many times GREAT is both DAAS the Wisdom of Unity and the Holy Temple 
Anyone who possess DAAS it's as if they built the Holy Temple.
The verse in Proverbs says a parable 
"More precious than pearls" 
Many times throughout the Talmud 
The Tzadik, someone who's a Talmud chuchum who possesses DAAS the Wisdom of Unity is GREATER than the Cohen HaGadol who goes L'vnay U'livnim into the Holy of Holies.

We live in a world were we are surrounded by unconsciousness, much like a shepherd who is surrounded by his flock. 
Rebbe Nachman teaches us the secret of sacrifices by understanding the Power of Song!

The Holy Temple was the exclusive place for the daily sacrifices, a subject that today might seem outdated. Nevertheless, most of us will attend a Seder and say words that clearly express a desire to once again participate in bringing the Passover Lamb. Listen and learn how this offering historically has been a portal to Redemption and higher consciousness.

Rosh Chodesh Nissan is a great gift! In order that you value this present and receive it with great joy, like the joy of the first day of creation......
Please listen to this Podcast 

After regaining consciousness from a near death experience, the son Rebbe Yehosua ben Levi related to his father that he saw an Upside Down World! The Creator's wisdom is beyond the normal logic of most people. One of the most fascinating aspects of his Cosmic ways is the secret of Tikun Rectification....

Many people mistakenly believe that the greater the Tzadik is, the more removed from the physical world. In the story of Purim, we see the expansive wisdom of Mordechai, who knows both the infinitly lofty mercy of Hashem as well as the diabolical plans of the wicked! He teaches us an important lesson on how to "turn around" calamity into Redemption!

Behind the mask, there's a hidden CONNECTION between the Golden Calf and Purim! A hint to help you..... Who was the first person in history to be exceedingly happy about the month of Adar?!?!

The Golden Calf was one of the greatest tragedies of Jewish history. The people temporarily lost their connection with Moshe who represents Daas, the Wisdom of Unity. Nevertheless, Moshe's proper response turned this calamity into higher consciousness and he brought down to the world the 13 Character Traits of Mercy one of the greatest heavenly gifts of all time. Daily this cosmic pattern repeats itself, and especially now, today, the world is going through a very dark challenge. 
With Hashem's help this new series intitled THE WISDOM OF UNITY is an attempt to explain how each and every one of us can practically turn our Exile into Redemption! How we can use DAAS to begin to rebuild The Holy Temple!
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What Do You Do When The Lights Go Out 
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It's also possible to receive via the Living Aligned Whatsapp group. 
If you are interested in how to learning more about how you can be involved please leave a comment here and Adam will contact you ASAP. 

All problems, personal or even world problems are a lack of clarity. The test is not to react and transgress but rather to respond with the Wisdom of Unity and reveal higher levels of consciousness!

October 1, 2021

Hashem Called The Light Day

As we begin once again to read the Holy Torah from the story of Creation there are new opportunities on how we define life! What's a Day? Most people live in a mode of survival, trying to accomplish as much as possible in the 24 hours.....
When Hashem saw the Light he called it DAY! This is a revolutionary way of looking at life!

Fear is real teaches the Holy Or HaChaim, don't ignore it. It's a Divine message that you're out of balance. Don't go out to war with fear in your heart, turn around, and get help from someone that can help you elevate the fallen fear to Awe of Hashem. That's why so many people choose to be by Rebbe Nachman for Rosh Hashanah, he said about himself "I'm a treasure of Awe of Heaven"

Engraved on the Heavenly Throne was an image of a man" These were the opening words of a teaching of Rebbe Nachman on Shabbos Teshuva. He grabbed the arms of his chair and rocked back and forth with great Fear and Awe and said "When is a man a real man, when he sits on his Throne........

If you're apprehensive about eating too much on Shabbos....  Here's a story for you in honor of the Yartzeit of the great Tzadik Reb Pinchas of Koretz, today the 10th of Elul. When one eats in the mode of a Mitzvah, Holy eating, then there is no need for clarification of the food and one can experience Awe of Hashem just through eating!

The great Tzadik Moshe Kobryner was known for his outstanding character trait of AWE of Hashem from a very early age. He's the story of how he attained it and how you too can in these 40 Days of Will!

Recently devastating flooding hit Western Europe as well as China. The news makes relevant more than ever a story about the Chofetz Chaim, through which one can learn the proper Torah response when calamity strikes.

Across the board, all of the great masters teach that the climax of human existence is Love of God. Equally excepted is that to arrive at the summit on must travel via Fear of Hashem.

This is the first in a series of podcasts on Love and Fear that will give us the keys to understand the deeper meaning of Matan Torah, the Shema and why Adam chose to eat from the Tree of Knowledge instead of the Tree of Life.

Rebbe Nachman teaches that all suffering is due to a lack of Daas, acquired wisdom. Questions about life surface when we try to push beyond the limitations of what we think we know. WHY is this happening? This is the cry from the heart that doesn't yet understand. Ask questions in order to give birth to higher levels of consciousness, which according to Rebbe Nachman is the essential consolation.

July 15, 2021

My Heart’s Desire

The Gemora teaches, One only learns what the heart desires. The Kabbalist go even further and reveal that desire is a sign that here lies your soul rectification! Great!
But what does one do when Tisha B'Av comes and he can't relate to something that he never experienced?

For many it's hard to feel the lose for something we never experienced. Rebbe Nachman gives us an image of how Hashem manifest himself into a building, the Holy Temple. In doing so he explains how it was destroyed and also how we can once again rebuild it!

June 27, 2021

My Soul Weeps In Secret

Our inner void is a true reflection of the reality of Exile. The Maharal teaches that the secret place where Hashem cries is inside the inner chamber of the soul. By feeling that pain one can transmute it into true JOY!

June 10, 2021

The Illusion of Time

Rebbe Nachman teaches that there are levels of consciousness where the past, present and future merge. In reality time is a product of the imagination. Nevertheless by living in time and experiencing the difficulties of life we can transform our suffering into this expansive consciousness.

Rebbe Nachman once said "If you believe you can mess up, believe you can fix!" But what does he mean? It's easy to mess up and it's hard to fix?! The answer lies in the ancient science of Alchemy and the Man of Faith!

We are witnessing a dangerous and drastic surge in antisemitism, attacks in real life on real people targeted for no other reason than they are Jewish! Everyone needs to ask himself, Instead of Re-Acting to the violence, what is the Godly Response to the present situation? To hear MY PERSON RESPONSE please try to listen to the end!

May 20, 2021

Flags of Their Fathers

Just as the encampment of the twelve tribes encircled the Tabernacle, so too Matan Torah Shavuot is always celebrated between Parshas Bamidbar and Naso. The Sfas Emes connects the two with Midrashic imagery of Hashem riding on 12,000 legions of angels aligned with Flags!

The Chazon Ish was once asked, Where was Hashem in the Holocaust? He answered with a parable about a Boy who loved jam and a Bear. The story aligns well with a teaching from Rebbe Nachman that explains why people often stand at a distance from Hashem and how someone with wisdom can overcome the barrier of the Bear and receiving the Torah on Shavuot.

It's hard for the mind to grasp how such a great tragedy happened at such a holy and happy celebration. The Ramchal teaches that knowing the "Way of God" brings elation and helps one elevate unnecessary suffering.  In honor of the 45 Holy Souls and the Yartzeit of the Ramchal, the 26th of Iyar Foundation of Foundations!

April 28, 2021

The Joy of Lag B’Omer

In the midst of the mourning over the students of Rebbe Akiva we turn on the music to celebrate LagB'omer?! What's the secret of Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai and The Joy of Lag B'Omer?!

How does one "clean up" the mess? First, don't shoot the messenger he's really the MESS-ENDER! Then the EGO will resist formulating a QUESTION. Because without a Question you'll never get an Answer........

The Creator wants to connect with you! The problem is that our inner space is full of negative emotional baggage. Life is like a cleaning process. If you want to experience the Joy of Life Consider Cleaning Up Your Room!

March 18, 2021

Why Matzah?

The first of the 4 Questions on the Seder Night is really.... 
If bread is so problematic on Pesach why do we order pizza the minute after we make Havdalah over beer. And if Matzah is so Holy why should we ever eat leavened bread?!
The Sfas Emes brings together a collage of ideas from Tzadikim to help us understand the deeper meaning of why we eat Matzah on Pesach and why pizza is so holy!

March 12, 2021

Giving Up Doesn’t Exist

Your real nature is to achieve Divine connection! If you're not feeling good be open to tweaking things be open to change. Rebbe Nachman said with great conviction "The most important thing is DON'T GIVE UP!"

Normally, when joyfully dancing our pain and sorrow stands aloof on the sidelines. In honor of the Yartzeit of the Holy Tzadik Rebbe Elimelech here's a colorful story that shows us how to catch our depression and bring it into the dance making it the center of our celebration!

It's a great Mitzvah to always be happy says Rebbe Nachman! But what if I'm depressed? There's an idea that in our days the only way back to real joy is through Joking around! This practical daily advice is the Mystical secret of the clowning around of Purim! 
L'chaim 🍷

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